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In A World: The Dating Show, the brainchild of comedian/matchmaker Emma Vernon, started in July 2017. Since its inception, the show has been selected to be a part of the New York Comedy Festival (and voted one of Time Out’s Best of 2018 NYCF) and has been featured in the New York Times, Time Out NY, Stellar Underground, The Skint and more!

Cuz here’s the thing. Dating in New York is HARD. Are they a killer? Painfully boring? A distant cousin with an eerily strong resemblance to your uncle? Whatever the quandary, it’s not easy out there, and comedian/matchmaker Emma Vernon knows it!

On In A World: The Dating Show, Emma transforms the (often times painful) traditional first date into a stress-free and ridiculously fun time, made for YOUR viewing pleasure!

How? First, she uses her matchmaking skills to handpick each match! Don’t worry, she’ll tell you a little bit about the science behind each match. Second, she invites her improviser friends to create an insane fake environment for the perfect first date. Forget the traditional bar or restaurant, on In A World, with the help of hilarious veteran improvisers, the first date can be ANYWHERE – a music festival, a bowling alley, a bonfire, a silent retreat, you name it!

The dates are 100% real. The locations are 100% fake. Is this the hopeless place Rihanna was talking about?


Emma Vernon is a comedian and ‘millennial matchmaker’ putting a modern twist on traditional matchmaking. She’s always been intuitive, and realized early on that matchmaking was a gift she had. With her fair share of experience in the NYC dating scene, Emma exudes the confidence of an expert, with the relatability, vulnerability, and stories of a friend. She recruits her matches in every way imaginable: dating apps, bars, friends, friends of friends, social media outreach-- all the ways millennials are actually meeting. Almost all of her matches go on to have second dates.

Emma performs stand up and improv all over the city and has appeared on Refinery29 as well as the app AirTime.




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